Updating data in a database requires updating the schema

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Includes a 'connection' block for connecting to the server, plus options for how the database and user to access it should be named.

Note that a separate connection is made when running this section, so you can include details for a privileged user account here.

I do need some sort of mechanism for updating the schema.

I have heard that South is useful for this purpose. your immediate dev needs, you can do whatever you want with the database, but at least take careful note of which schema changes you make, because we'll have to do them on the live site. I've only used south sparingly, but it seems pretty useful.

All you need is a tool to make sure the updates are performed consistently among all systems. This plugin scans a folder for SQL scripts that match a given filename pattern, for example: Updates are processed in order, in transactions, and failures/retries are handled gracefully.

Because this is a multi Task, you can register several entries and maintain multiple schemas from one tool!

Be sure this file contains enough information to construct the database AND the schema-version tracking table. This is useful if you want to wipe-and-reload the database schema.

In addition to the standard configuration options, this plugin also supports two command-line arguments: If you include driver to provide a similar effect, but this mechanism may be more useful for general use.

If this parameter is included, the database version is ignored and is assumed to be 0.

And it is necessary to reset the both apps' tables.

You can update the database schema, of course, but you should not need an upgrade path that requires deleting existing data.

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